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A drum stacker is a type of material handling equipment that is used to stack and transport drums, such as those used to store and transport liquids or chemicals. These stackers are designed to easily move and stack drums in a safe and efficient manner, making them an essential tool in a variety of industries including manufacturing, chemical, oil and gas and many more.

Drum stackers come in various types, including manual, powered and semi-powered. Manual stackers are operated by hand and use a simple lever or crank to lift and move drums. Powered stackers use a motor and battery to lift and move drums, while semi-powered stackers use a combination of manual and powered operation.

Drum stackers are typically made of sturdy steel and have a variety of features such as adjustable height, locking casters and safety features such as load brakes. They are designed to be used with 55-gallon drums and have a weight capacity of around 1000 lbs. Overall, drum stackers are an essential piece of equipment for any facility that stores or transports large quantities of liquids or chemicals in drums, as they enable easy and efficient movement and stacking of drums, helping to improve safety and productivity.


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