RUDRA is the worldwide leader in hydraulic washing hoist segment. RUDRA is the only manufacturer having CE certification for lifts.Our lifts can be used for washing and lubrication of all types of passenger and commercial vehicles.

  • Washing passenger & Light commercial vehicle
  • Lubricate passenger & Light commercial vehicle


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  • Supports both indoor & outdoor Installation
  • Slide rail arm assembly can be provided for easy mounting of vehicles on the heavy duty ramps.
  • Uniquely designed wiper rings to prevent entry of water and dirt particles into the hoist cylinder while raising, servicing and lowering.
  • Gland rings are used in the plungers to increase performance.
  • High-grade steel plungers manufactured to close tolerance with hard chrome plating for high wear-resistant.
  • Lifting Capacity-4000 Kgs.
  • No. of Plunger-1 Nos.
  • Plunger Diameter-270 mmMax.
  • Lifting Height-1500 mm
  • Operating Pressure-09 to 12 Kg/cm2

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